Special Attractions

  • The famous scrumptious apple pie of
    Ruth Rutschman Holliday
  • Amazing tasting brick oven pizza made by gourmet bakers like Micah, Jesse or Elijah Rutschman
  • Activities for kids
  • Nature Hike through the woods by the creek feeding the Gallien River
  • Orchard tours explaining cultivars and organic approaches
  • Stage and Entertainment with scheduled musicians or performers
  • Open mic: bring your own act!

The Harvest Fest or Harvest Day (only apple picking day) is designed to offer opportunities for all ages. At the Harvest Fest, activity stations throughout the orchard allow visitors to learn about organic apple production and engage in all steps of the processing - from harvesting, to washing, and even pressing your own apple cider through the mill. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with live music, hot pizza, anda slice of apple pie.

If you are interested in performing or leading activities for kids, contact Jeremy at jeremybabcock@gmail.com


Past Performance Videos

Fire spinning magic performed after dusk at the campfire.

Jeremy Babcock, Shawn Schlag & Aerin Tedesco sing an original tune, "The Damage We Do."

If you are interested in volunteering contact richrutsch@ameritech.net or jrutschman@gmail.com


Activities Include

  • Pick-your-own organic apples
  • Pressing your apples on an antique style apple cider press


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