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La72 Homeless Refugee Shelter ($3,667)



Project Cure ($880)

Ujimaa Medics ($880)


($2,100 divided equally)

Priarie Travelers

A rails to trails organization creating bike paths in Wichita, Ks.


Project Cure

An organization that sends donated used medical equipment and supplies to clinics in the developing world.



An organization that supports women’s organizations in Mexico to contribute to just and equitable social change



(No festival due to poor crop caused by lack of enough pollinator bees)



($1,620, divided equally)

Pedro Albizu Campos H.S. ($540)

To support coursework on urban gardening in Chicago’s Humboldt Park community.


Chicago Opportunity for Peace in Action ($540)

To support a building renovation and training project in Chicago’s Englewood community.


Community Justice for Youth Institute ($540)

To support restorative justice work with youth in Chicago communities and schools.



(No festival due to poor crop caused by a late Spring freeze)



($5,360 Total, divided equally)

Imagine Haitian

For sustainable development support (a press for the Jatropha seeds for bio-diesel, wells for the mango grove seedlings & environmental education.


El Abrojo, Uruguay

To support educational, developmental and recreational programs for street kids and poor children and adolescents at a drop-in center, a mobile bus & for a summer camp. Advocacy work.



($3,450 Total, divided equally)

Shine Humanity

($1,150 for Pakistan flood victims)

is dedicated to providing quick, efficient and compassionate medical and humanitarian relief in disaster recovery. The flood catastrophe that left one fifth of the country under water and 14 million lives displaced. Funds supported the creation of Family Care Packages consisting of staple foods, water, and basic hygiene products (put together in Pakistan).


Shanti Foundation For Peace

($1,300 in Chicago & Evanston)—

Fosters peace, acceptance, and understanding in the everyday interactions of diverse people, through visual, literary, and performing arts programs in schools and communities, helping create experiences that develop imaginative, flexible, inclusive, collaborative thinking.


Ministerio Internacional Batista Vida

($1,000 in Salvador, Bahia)—

Social and support service assistance for economically disadvantaged children and mothers, including providing clothing, educational opportunities, after school programs, nutritional services, recycling program for income generation, and prisoner visitation.



($3,180 Total, divided equally)

Just Coffee Santa Anita Finca (Quezaltango, Guatemala)

Produces organic, fair trade certified coffee and sells it in the Fair Trade market. Thirty-two families in the community are responsible for cultivating the land.


2009 Continued

Ecuadorian Volunteers

ALDEC program (Quito, Ecuador) serves around 200 children daily who work on the streets selling candy, flowers, or shining shoes. To qualify for assistance, the children must be enrolled in some form of learning program, either in the daytime, evening, or weekend.


Imagine Englewood If (Chicago)

works to strengthen and empower the greater Englewood community through teaching local youth healthy living, environmental awareness and positive communication skills. IEi motivates youth and their families to seek a positive quality of life and encourages them to pursue positive change.




Growing Home (Chicago)

Is a not-for-profit that provides job training for homeless and low-income individuals through a social enterprise business based on organic agriculture. Funds helped support the construction of Wood Street Farm.


Play for Peace (India)

Works to bring together children, youth, and organizations from communities in conflict, using cooperative play to create laughter, compassion, and peace. Funds helped support cooperative games and experiential learning programs to bring together Hindi, Muslim, and Christian youth.




Erie Neighborhood House (Chicago)

Is a community service agency that promotes a just and inclusive society by strengthening low-income, primarily Latino families through skill-building, access to critical resources, advocacy and collaborative action. Funds helped support a legal service fund.


Las Piedras Orphanage (Montevideo, Uruguay)

To support children and youth without parents to care for them.


La Causana (Quito, Ecuador)

For human rights work that builds awareness and influences social-political change toward LGBT causes.




Christian Peacemaker Teams

Places violence-reduction teams in crisis situations and militarized areas around the world at the invitation of local peace and human rights workers. Funds supported Iraq and Colombia teams.


Justapaz (Bogota, Columbia)

Works for peace and justice work.


WE-ACTrx (Rwanda)

Works to increase women and children's access to HIV testing, care, treatment, and support and assists survivors of genocidal rape and sexual violence.




Centro San Bonifacio (Chicago)

Promotes personal and collective self-development within the immigrant Hispanic community through programs based on needs related to health, education, solidarity and human rights. Funds supported the development of lay health worker "promotores" training.


Mennonite Disaster Service

to help Katrina hurricane victims.


Mennonite Central Committee

For housing reconstruction in Afghanistan.